Gallup Studies Show That Incentive Programs Improve Performance By Up To 44%. Unfortunately This Study Also Found That Most Businesses Lack The Knowledge Or Expertise To Implement An Incentive Program That Achieves The Desired Results.

Considering The Cost of Lost Productivity Among Disengaged Employees Is Approximately $300 Billion Dollars A Year, The Need To Re-Engage Employees Has Never Been Greater. Employees Who Are Disengaged Tend To Have Higher Absenteeism, Produce Less, and Demonstrate a Poor Quality of Work.

Our Custom Designed Performance Incentive Programs Are Built To Recognize And Reward Employees To Improve Productivity, Improve Attendance, Improve Quality of Work, and To Increase Overall Employee Engagement In Their Workplace.

IMGroup Has The Experience Needed To Guide Your Company Through The Design and Implementation Of a Successful Incentive Program That Will Achieve Your Goals, With a Guaranteed Return On Investment.