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Some facts that hit home within the trucking industry:

·        On-boarding a new driver can cost in excess of $6500.00

·        Drivers primarily leave due to the way they are treated or feeling unappreciated

·        Driver turnover occurs within the first 6 months of employment

·        Driver turnover is at an all-time high of 90%

Having a driver incentive program demonstrates that the company values their drivers, which in turn can result in higher driver retention rates. Drivers love recognition and the more you recognize them, the better they perform. There is direct a correlation from recognizing drivers and having the best fleet in the industry. In order to recognize or reward good drivers, it is essential to have a structured recognition and reward program that clearly defines and measures good driving behaviors.

Our custom designed Recognition And Incentive Programs are built to recognize and reward drivers to improve driving skills, training, productivity, improve attendance, improve quality of work, and to increase overall employee engagement in the workplace.

IMGroup has the experience needed to guide your organization through the design and implementation of a successful recognition program that will assist you in achieving your goals and retain the best drivers in the industry with a GUARANTEE ON INVESTMENT