Do Wellness Incentive Programs Even Work?  Yes and No.


Just Like With Any Instituted Program Within Your Company, It Comes Down To Design and Execution That Will Dictate Overall Success. Wellness Incentive Programs Are No Different, and Are Hinged On The Ability Of The Employee To Understand, Participate, and Achieve.

Incorporating Goals Within The Company Such As Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, And Proper Management Of Chronic Conditions Are Great Ways To Encourage A Culture Of Health and Reduce Health Care Costs For Both The Employees and The Company.

So How Do I Get My Employees To Buy Into these Goals?

Long Term Results Are The Key to A Proven Return On Investment. With Wellness Programs The Goal Is To Help Employees Adopt And Maintain Healthy Behaviors. However, Employees Find Themselves Stuck In Their Unhealthy Habits and Need The Extra Boost To Adopt and Maintain The Healthy Behaviors. Utilizing Incentives Are The Best Way To Break Through These Barriers To Help The Employees Buy Into Your Wellness Program.

Here At IMGroup We Can Help You Establish A Wellness Incentive Program That Will Achieve Your Goals As An Organization. Our Programs Are Completely Customizable To Ensure The Program Caters To Both The Company and The Employee; All While Giving Your Company The Piece Of Mind Of A Guaranteed Return On Investment.